"Museum Quality ~ Built for Field Service"

~ That was the motto my father had when he started this business 37 years ago. History was his passion... and the biggest reason I wanted to keep this business going.

Hello! I'm the youngest daughter of Albert & Mary Lou Schlachter and I began going to Civil War reenactments when I was just 5 years old. I definitely didn't have the understanding or knowledge of the hobby then as I do today. Therefore, I have grown to appreciate history in general and find myself always wanting to learn more about the Civil War era in American History.

Thanks to my father, who taught me to "treat customers as you would want to be treated and offer a good product at a fair price." These are some of the things Crescent City has become known for and why we are committed to the re-enactors that keep the hobby alive. We don't believe that you have to pay more to get better quality!! Crescent City has always stood behind every product we sell. We don't feel that it is necessary to overcharge someone that wants to relive the period and enjoy stepping back in time. We have the capabilities of stocking large quantities of our items and therefore pass along the savings to our valued customers. This also helps us in getting your items out the door the same day you order or NO LATER than the next day. Who has time to wait 6-8 weeks OR EVEN LONGER for an item?!?!?

Although the business has been passed down, we still offer a full line of military uniforms, accouterments, footwear, hatwear, tinware and tentage for all your living history needs. Over our 37 years of being in business, we have worked with numerous production companies (actually attended the set of North & South part 2 and Glory), HBO series of West World, museums, school corporations, youth club organizations, Historical Societies & National Historical Parks.

As my husband, Brian and I carry on my fathers' passion and dream, I want to personally take this opportunity to say "Thank You" for your loyal support and patronage throughout the years. It's because of you, that we have grown to become the major historical supplier we are today.

~Christie Schlachter-Adcock