There are two types of “SALE” products that can be included in this category:

  1. At times, we find that we have too many of a certain item that we need to sell quickly in order to make room for more inventory. These items do NOT have any imperfections.
  2. Our discount section contains “one-of-a-kind” items that have slight flaws, some fading, irregulars, mismatched or less than perfect condition that does not meet our standards to sell as “new”. There are typically ONE of these items in stock, so if you see an item you like, do not hesitate – it may not be there at a later date. These items are sold AS IS…no refunds or exchanges can be made. Often times, belt buckles with tarnish or items that “look worn” are more desirable by the experienced re-enactor and we are happy to sell these items at a discounted price.

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