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This Jean Wool package comes with 4 items; Trousers, Shell jacket, kepi & muslin issue shirt. Keep in mind Jean Wool is a unique fabric consisting of wool woven in one direction and cotton woven in the opposite direction. Therefore it does not give (or stretch) as other natural fibers. Because of this, Jean Wool uniforms run smaller than regular wool. We recommend adding a at least one size (sometimes two sizes) to your regular pant/trouser size. Period trousers were also worn around the natural waist (belly button) and adding a size or two will alleviate an
ill fit.

The Jean Wool we carry is a mixture of brown-grey with a “rough” texture that feels itchy/scratchy. The Jean Wool Shell jackets comes lined, however, you may want to wear underdrawers under your trousers. Jacket also comes with wooden buttons and inside breast pocket.

If you find you did not order the correct size, you are welcome to send it back for an exchange. Please refer to the home page -under TERMS of SERVICE, then RETURN POLICY.

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Weight 8.0 lbs
Dimensions 24.0 × 11.75 × 3.0 in


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